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Thread: Wet Room Specialists

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    Wet Room Specialists

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing as well as they can. Iíve moved into Mums in Maidstone due to little help from Lambeth council and an inability to find alternative accommodation.
    The deterioration in my condition means we need to get a wet room installed ASAP. Showering etc. has turned into an iron man contest so Iím looking for quotes to get the work started. My OT says it could take 12 months unless I self fund which I will if I can but just wondered if anyone can recommend a company in the South East to give me a quote.
    Love to all Jerry
    PS great to see Dodie Weir, Rob Burrow and Stephen Darby on tv pushing the cause.

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    Hi Jerry,

    Do you over 20,000? Because you would have to pay some or all or part of the cost anyway.

    Your ot should be able to give you a list of people.

    Otherwise maybe find a good builder. I got a plumber in who altered the floor and loo etc and then a floor layer. You would probably need a tiller to.

    Love Terry
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    Hi Jerry

    Are you East Kent or West Kent?

    It may well be some of the local group know a good plumber?


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