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Thread: Life Insurance With MND

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    Hi Will;

    Sorry to hear they playing hard ball.

    What company and policy do you have? It's always nice to know who to get insurance with or with-not.

    Might be worth contacting the Mnda because they might have someone to help apply some pressure without you doing everything.

    Good luck, Terry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Will View Post
    my insurance company is trying not to pay my terminal cover out. worse than VAR
    Hi there thanks for the post.

    There are some situations where terminal illness which is part of a wider life insurance policy may not be paid. Below are some examples that I've come across

    If the illness is known about before the policy was taken out and not declared to the the policy company.

    if payment is not maintained

    if you're nearing the end of the life insurance term the terminal illness element is not available for the last 18 months this is a case in some Aviva policies.(This will depend on your policy)

    Of course every case is different my suggestion would be to ask and for the reasons in writing that they give for not initially paying the claim then to make a complaint. If this is unsuccessful complain to the Financial Ombudsman

    I have used this approach in the past and it is useful call them as it is very helpful in organising your complaint approach .

    I hope you get on well with this
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