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Thread: mobiity scooter for bus

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    mobiity scooter for bus

    Hello all, I'd love some advice please!
    I've been awarded full PIP and applied for my disabled bus pass, but the buses in my area are a rural service so I think a mobility scooter would be a good idea.. i'm upper limb onset, fairly slow progression, and I found a scooter I can use easily even with my most affected hand, so I should get a reasonable bit of time from it before I need a power chair?

    The trouble is that I wouldn't be allowed to take it on a bus! The scooter needs to be less than 100cm for that, and they seem to be 3 wheelers that wouldn't suit a trip to the shops (not on our pavements anyway!)

    I would still be able to drive if I had an automatic with electronic handbrake, but at the time of my test my hospital appts started flooding in and I couldn't do the handbrake by the end of the lesson. So I thought a scooter would be less of an outlay/hassle than doing the adapted car route?

    Has anyone found a good scooter that was under 100cm in length and could be used on a bus?
    You're supposed to get a permit before you go on one, and training too apparently, although I saw a chap with a massive road scooter on the bus the other day!

    Lisa x

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    Hi Lisa;

    Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed it.

    Please make sure that you try and can operate them before you buy. 3 wheel ones sometimes put less stress through the hands and arms.

    I used a scooter on a train, they put a ramp up and I drove on on the outward journey but when I went to return they would not let me do it as it's not a wheelchair. I had to climb on which to some doing and the scooter was put in the guards wagon.

    I'm sure that there are ones under a meter in length but the Go-Go Elite Traveller is 3 millimeters over that.

    Not sure how you would get it on a bus though. it does brake into 5 pieces if require to go in a car.

    this one is less than a meter and is much lighter and folds up:-

    It is a bit cheaper here:-

    There are many others out there.

    Love Terry
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