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Thread: Hello I知 Douglas

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    Hello Douglas and Christine, and sadly welcome, I am a mother, daughter (33) diagnosed Sept 17 a few months after having a baby also has an 8 year old, We are totally devastated by this disease, it has brought down every member of the family Aunties, uncles, cousins, in laws etc etc, I will continue to look after her and her family, physically, mentally and emotionally (lots of crying) for as long as it takes, it’s what you do.

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    Hi Douglas. My husband is 58 like yourself, we're also at Salford.
    Your story is very similar to my husband's, he was also an engineer.
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

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    Hello Douglas and Christine...sorry you've had to join us here but welcome. My husband is also a Mancunian and at Salford. He was diagnosed in 2008..very fit prior. It took me a long time to come to terms with his diagnosis but once things settled down and we got over the shock we realised life had changed but it wasn't over so we get on with it every day and give thanks what he can do and try not to dwell on negative stuff because it's a waste. Some days are hard but you'll find lots of support here and great advice. Best wishes to you both xx

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    Douglas and Christine and a warm welcome to the Forum. It is sad that you find yourselves here but very encouraging that you obviously support each other very much.

    It is a long hard road but after the initial shock and grief you will come out the other side coping with your different life . Try to think on the positives and not the negatives and you will get through it easier.

    Please ask any questions you want and there will always be someone to answer.

    I am not from Manchester, as you may have noticed I come from "over the hill " in Yorkshire

    Love Chris

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    Hi Douglas and Christine,
    Welcome to the forum, although I am obviously sorry you need to be here.

    The diagnosis is such an awful shock but it sound like you are a really close couple and I hope you have some really good outside support.

    It hits the whole family really hard but eventually you adapt and laugh again. Everyone affected has an occasional meltdown but I try and enjoy each and everyday, smile and take the positives. No one, in life, knows what tomorrow will bring .

    There is always great support and advice on here.
    Love Debbie

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