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Thread: Carer is making me ill

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    HI PB,

    Not sure if this would help, but perhaps suggest to your care agency that the carer wear aprons? The company has a duty of care to you and their own staff to provide PPE for health and hygiene reasons. Our carers wear their own clothes, but wear gloves when handling my husband for this reason. It is the same as in a hospital and in food preparation - so why not in your home when they are providing a service?

    This perhaps is not addressing the root cause of this issue which appears to be the carer himself, but may be a happy medium until something else is sorted?



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    Hi PB;

    I was wondering how things are going with the carers?

    Good idea, D about aprons and gloves, I think that they should wear them if they go from one place to another anyway to reduce the risk of things transferring.

    Love Terry

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    If you need lifting, cant you be supplied with a lifting devise.

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    All carers male or female will have been trained in mabual handling if there were any heavy lifting you would be provided with equipment to help

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