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Thread: Id thought Id post about my blog again...

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    It’s my living with #mnd #als post. This week pollution, watering cans, adventure, cheese and more!

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    Thanks for your very entertaining blog Lee. It's always a good read.

    I really agree with the part about boycotting inaccessible restaurants, especially when they say they are but have a couple of steps. It sounds like a great trip, however.

    Love Debbie x

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    Hi readers! I am back, onein300 with my living with #als #mnd usual fare post. A second will follow tomorrow on research for the aficionados of science and wonder. But for now, it’s just my usual life rubbish!

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    Hi Owen,

    Thanks for keeping us in loop.

    Love Terry

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    Hi readers. It wet, it’s Monday and you all need a bit of cheering up. So why bother reading my #als #mnd blog?! However, it is my regular jibberish so I hope it helps with your coffee and or commute.

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    Hi readers.

    I have just published my 4th post within a series of “devil is in the detail” posts on MND Research in my blog.

    This one is all about the calls for early access for unproven treatments. Please keep away from sound bites, and listen to the experts.

    Social media with its short loud messages can draw us into things too easily.

    Here’s the commentary. It’s long, but I hope you enjoy.

    I will be back soon with a more typical onein300 living with MND post!


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