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Thread: Id thought Id post about my blog again...

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    Evening all! My first living with #mnd #als post of 2019. I thought I’d save it until tonight as in the U.K. you only have Les Miserables to watch on TV tonight and it’s pretty depressing. So I offer you an alternative read.

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    Hello Lee,

    Thanks for another entertaining and enlightening read.

    I take it that your neighbours are confirmed 'country bumpkins' - hay bales for children to sit on? - some city types, like me, would be 'stressing' about the little darlings and their potential allergy flare-ups! (and as it says in the TV ad - Where there's blame, there's a claim!)

    On a more serious note, Happy 40th Birthday MNDA! It must have been even more difficult for people affected by MND to come to terms with things and not so easy to get advice/support/information, before the MNDA existed.

    I had not realised, before reading your blog, that the MNDA contributes significantly more into funding for MND research than the Government does. Hopefully, the Government will decide to substantially up its contribution into MND research, very soon - possibly out of the mountain of money it will save by not paying full EU club fees, after Brexit.

    Very best of luck with lobbying the Government and campaigning this year. Hopefully the 'scrap the 6 month rule' campaign will be a winner very soon!

    Best wishes to you and Jean,
    Kayleigh x

    P.S Looks like not only are you are brilliant blogger, but you are also a great gardener and a creative cook as well - is there no end to your talents? But don't forget to wash your hands VERY well after chopping all those chillies!

    P.P.S Is it just me, or has anyone else mentioned that you look rather like a certain actor called Neil from Midsomer Murders? (Obviously, I have not met you in 'real life' and so can only go by the flattering photos of you in your blog! - and, of course, you must be much younger than he is!!!?

    http:// bm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwid2O6o2evfAhVtSBUIHZPqCDMQ _AUoAnoECAwQAg&biw=1024&bih=672&dpr=2#imgrc=m2flm9 3R5jVEGM
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    Hi all. It’s my #mnd #als post! Finally after a few weeks of absence. My usual fare. I hope to get back to a Friday lunchtime post.

    My next post is a serious one, ie a Research status opinion post. Late next week.

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    Hi readers. I am long overdue for a living with #mnd #als post. Apologies. Here is a new one. This week, clubs...

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    Morning readers. It’s my first opinion post of 2019 on #mnd #als research. This is my review, kind of, of the recent MND Symposium. I take a different approach which hope you both enjoy and fascinating.

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    Hi Lee,
    I am new here, so I thought I would say hello to you. I liked your entertaining read, so positive thank you. You also look really well and handsome.

    Take care, Sheila

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    Morning readers! It’s my living with #mnd #als post. This week relaxing, with a bit of history and today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onein400 View Post
    Morning readers! Its my living with #mnd #als post. This week relaxing, with a bit of history and today!
    Thank you, I enjoy your blog, humour and positive outlook.

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    Hi everyone. It’s my living with #mnd #als blog post! Sorry about the absence.

    This week rules!! The regulation kind!

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    It’s time for my living with #als #mnd post! With all the stress from the U.K. political scene, you need some sense to read! This week a few days away brings chaos!

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