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Thread: Id thought Id post about my blog again...

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    Hi readers! My final serious post of 2019, and my final devils is in the detail commentary on #mnd #als research. I should be back with a more typical fare post before Xmas!

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    Good Saturday folks! It’s my first musings of the year on my #als #mnd blog Onein300!
    Here’s to 2020 and all who sail in her!

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    Good Sunday readers! I’m back with a new onein300 blog post. Apologies for absence.
    This week, limits! Enjoy.

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    My latest blog guys. We have to keep our sense of humour!

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    Hello Lee , thanks for the 'The Gift' of your blog, just to keep the Paul Weller theme going,
    Just to ,'start' it's good that you have 'All mod cons' that keep you 'Mr Clean'
    'that's entertainment' for a quiet 'Monday' ( know it's sunday, artistic licence)
    Yes, a fan of the modfather

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    Thanks, Lee, for speaking up for us to the DWP


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