The next meeting of Blackpool & surrounding areas MND support group is at 1pm. on Friday 2nd November at Trinity Hospice Day Care Centre

I am not sure how many of you are aware that the MND Support Group is up & running. So far there have been two meetings , we meet monthly on the first Friday of the month ( although December meeting will be 14th December )

Supporting one another through this terrible disease is so important, we all need to be strong for each other

After all no one knows more about this disease than us, the people who are living with it & their carers.

Sharing information that might help someone else is important. Regardless of whether it’s a hint or tip about a homemade device to alert a carer who is unable to hear from another room, or simply using a cardboard cup with lid if the patient is finding it difficult to sip, or who to go to for benefits advice, in fact it can be anything at all.

For me this group is vital. Learning from others who have had the disease much longer than I have. It’s been a real help, finding out who does what.! We are all in shock after a diagnosis like this & knowing others who are in the same situation are the only ones who can truly understand just how we feel.