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Thread: Temperature control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namay View Post
    My husbands feet are always cold, except when they’re sweating...which is regular too. But he also experiences shivering, although he doesn’t feel cold at the time. It’s not fasciculations, it’s proper shivering...another little oddity of this disease
    i'm then same, I am so cold at times a shiver uncontrollably.

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    hi lynne, my wife has exactly the same problem, she asks if the heating is on when its not, she says she's cold then minutes later I am taking her cardigan of as she's unbearably hot and wanting to open a window, minutes later she is asking me to close it.

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    We do sometimes have trouble David;

    Might be an idea to put a thermometer where she can see it so that she knows how hot/cold it is. It might slow the frequency of the changes.

    Love Terry

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