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Thread: Non-stop coughing

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    Non-stop coughing

    M has been coughing pretty much non stop since 3 pm. He is using his cough assist, I am doing suction but it's unbelievably persistent and paroxysmal. His whole body shakes when he tries to cough. He believes it's caused by reflux and has been prescribed Omperazole, domperidone and small 2 hourly feeds. Nothing is helping and he's getting really tired. Hyoscine and Botox for saliva management has made no difference in frequency and ferocity of coughing. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Hi Julip,

    It's probably not the same but I get a cough at the start of a virus. That is the only time that I am pleased that I have a feeding tube to keep hydrated and feed.

    Mnd throats are strange things and sometimes a small irritation can set it off.

    Try to make sure that he gets enough liquid and maybe rest him in a reclining position.

    Hope you get some more useful advice.

    Hugs Terry

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    Thanks Terry. It does feel like a tickly throat kind of thing.

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    Hi Julia,

    If coughing is due to reflux, M would most likely feel esophageal burning or discomfort too, so it may not be that.

    Often "post nasal drip" is the culprit and, although it sounds counter-intuitive, dehydration can be the cause, so increase M's water intake.

    Other culprits can be saliva or food irritation due to soft palate weakness; an allergen in the house (new spray, furnishings, detergent etc); meds side effect; change in humidity or heating; a precursor to a cold.

    An OTC cough syrup for dry coughs, containing Dextromethorphan, can be good to suppress an irritating dry cough.

    IDK if M got a profiling bed or not, if he did, laying flat with feet raised can help post nasal drip, but be ready with suction machine. Laying down makes reflux worse, so that's a good test!

    If it continues, ask his MND Nurse or GP for advice, as it may be unrelated to MND...

    Love Ellie.
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