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Thread: Shivers down spine?

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    Shivers down spine?

    You know those "someone walked over my grave" shivers? Well I can only feel that on one side now. Is thar a known feature of MND?

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    Hi BN;

    I don't have it down one side but I do get a whole body shakes or shivers.

    Love Terry
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    Steve often gets shakes in shoulders when uncomfortable.


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    Dear broken-nails

    Thank you for your post. You ask if "someone walking over my grave shivers" are a known feature of MND. This is not something that we usually hear about or are asked questions about in relation to MND. It is not a known feature of MND. If it is something that bothers you perhaps you should ask your neurologist about this in case there is something that may lessen that feeling if it is troubling you. It may be that your GP can help if this is the case.
    I do hope that this is helpful to you.

    Best wishes.


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    Thanks for all of your answers

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    Josh 1977
    Hi. I'm new here so apologies if I'm in wrong section. I'm scared I may have MND. I am 41 and since Sunday I've been having multiple twinging muscles over my body. I'm a keen runner. Most of these twinges in legs but get them all over. I've been to GP but he said to keep an eye on it. He said I have health anxiety. No other symptoms as such from what I've read. Sorry. Just really scared. Thanks for any advice.

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