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Thread: Mum has just been diagnosed

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    Hi everyone....thank you all for your messages so far,you are all so amazingly helpful.

    I am with Mum at the moment and one of her main concerns and worry is what will happen when she can no longer speak, she does not have the use of her arms or hands due to this awful disease. She is just scared that she will never be able to communicate again once she can no longer speak..... if that will happen at all?

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    Hi Twinkle Toes;

    There are several low and high tech solutions but it's best to get a speech therapist involved first.

    Is her speech affected in any way? I ask this because sometimes it does not happen to such a extent that they can't be understood.

    Ellie uses a hi-tech option called "Eye gaze", there are other switch options that use computers and head controlled systems.

    Low tech, ABC boards, plastic see through boards etc etc.

    Best see if they can be explained by her specialist. Her doctor or specialist can refer her.

    Love Terry

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    Hello TT

    As Terry has already mentioned, when your mum is back in the UK, one of the referrals that she should get is to a Speech and Language Therapist so that she can be assessed and the options concerning communication aids can be discussed.

    In the meantime, you may be interested in reading the information about 'Speech and Communication Support' on the MNDA website. I have provided the link to this, below.

    Kayleigh x
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