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Thread: My darling Peter

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    Dearest Maxine

    It was immensely kind and brave of you to let us know the circumstances of Peter's passing. Thank you.

    I send heartfelt condolences.

    Try to remember that you fought with him. You did all you could.



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    So sorry to hear of your husbands passing.

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    So very sorry to hear your sad news.

    Treasure the happy memories you shared together.

    Lots of love

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    My condolences Twinkle.

    My best friend died just over 2 weeks ago, and it does get easier with time. You'll find you'll start to have a little more energy each day. Don't beat yourself up though when all you want to do is do nothing.

    The night of her passing, I spent the night at her daughter's. There was a group of us there and it helped a lot, not being alone. Being the slightly twisted people that we are, we started to make a drinking game from the responses we were getting from friends and family. For example, if you got a 'thoughts and prayers', then that was a full gulp. I know it sounds a bit crude when I'm explaining it now, but we had so many messages, we had make light of it to keep from crying all the time. We knew the messages were sincere, but were taking everything light hearted. That's what Ezri would have wanted, and what she would have done.

    Hang in there. xx
    Hanging in there, one day at a time.

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    So sorry to hear of your lose Twinkle. Both myself and my wife send our deepest condolences to you and your family.
    Tim and Mary

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    So sorry to hear your sad news. Treasure all of your memories you have made together.

    Sue and Steve

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    Pen, sounds like it's something we as a family would do! My husband liked the light banter we all have between us so we carried that on in his final minutes.

    I have to say it's like I'm living in a bubble, I keep thinking it's time to go to the hospital or I keep thinking he's still here at home.
    I hope you all don't mind me keep posting, I don't want anyone to be upset over my posts.

    Today we visited Pete in the mortuary, he looked so peacefull and had a tiny smile on his face. I love him so much, I'm so proud of him the way he tolerated the mask. My only upsetting time is that the mask cut into him so badly on his nose, forehead and behind the ears, I didn't see the marks at the time. I feel bad for not noticing them, I would of brought it up to the nurse and asked them to put plasters on or small dressings. It makes me upset to think of Pete being sore and not acknowledging it.

    Thanks all for replying xxxxxxx

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    Hello Maxine (Mrs Twinkle),

    It is lovely to hear from you. I was thinking about you and wondering how you are. Please do not feel guilty about the mask - it would not have hurt your darling husband because he was on medication that ensured that he wasn't in pain. You must never feel like you didn't do enough - you did everything that the most loving and caring wife could do, and more.

    Things are going to seem strange for you because your life has changed so drastically. You have your own grief to cope with and you are supporting your children who are grieving as well. Please be kind to yourself and make sure that you are eating regularly and getting some rest. You are a strong lady and, undoubtedly, with the love and support of your family and friends, you will get through this difficult time.

    You are such a strong lady who is always kind and caring - and always has a twinkle in her eyes!

    Please continue to post on this forum as much or as little as you like - you have many friends who care about you here. It is always great to hear from our very own 'Twinkle'.

    Kayleigh xx
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    Living life in a bubble Twinkle;

    That explains it very well. Keep posting. Pete probably don't feel anything from the sores around the mask because of the medication.

    Don't burst the bubble for a few weeks.

    Love Terry

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    Thank you for your posts. Today, I picked up the death certificate and cause of death was Respiratory Failure through Progressive Motor Neurone Disease. I'm relieved that the Dr and Consultant didn't mention bowels on the certificate.
    @Kayleigh. Thanks for your kind words, You're such a lovely lady xxxx

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