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Thread: How to clean your nose properly

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    How to clean your nose properly

    Hi, how can my wife get her nose clean, she cannot use her hands, she has not got the capacity to blow it, any ideas please.

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    Hi David,

    Not quite in the same boat but do often get dried and other bits stuck up my nose.

    I use one flat sheet of normal kitchen roll, fold in one corner about two inches, then fold it down the middle roll up roughly from the folded right angle. I then just dampen the very tip, just to soften it. It then can be put in with a twisting motion.

    My nostrils are quite big so you will probably need to scale it down for your wife.

    Some tissues don't have enough integrity, so experiment.

    Love Terry

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    Hi David,

    I know you keep posing questions to MND Connect and I keep answering - I do apologise for this !

    First off, maybe try a decongestant spray or, failing that...

    I can't blow my nose either so, if my nose is blocked, I use a sea water spray in each nostril which helps clear it (available in pharmacies)

    If it's very stuffed and blocked, I use a nebuliser with saline - my Community Nurse organised one for me but it may differ where you are.

    The aftermath of each method isn't pretty and have a box of tissues to hand. In my experience, it may also take some rolled up tissue to (carefully) fully clear the nostrils and get relief to breathe again!

    For those of us with poor breathing, blocked noses make life difficult as we can't do a decent sniff or have the ability to blow our noses.

    Good luck.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi David

    Ellie has suggested some really good solutions. There are various sprays available which might help. It might be worth asking the GP what they suggest.

    Thanks for the help Ellie. It's appreciated as always

    Best Wishes
    MND Connect Adviser

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    We have the same problem with my husband. I use a dampened cotton bud gently then a dry one to wipe each nostril

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