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Thread: Increasing breathlessness

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    Thank you Kayleigh, I grieve for Jen not being able to read or sing to her baby hold his hand walking back from nursery and all the things young Mums do with their babies, her 9 yr old is struggling, we will have the best Christmas we can all the best to you and yours.

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    Hello Jaxx,

    I know, life can be so unfair and cruel. Please give Jen a hug from me - I am not as young as Jen and my son is not a baby any more, but I understand the painful sorrow and frustration that she probably feels when she can't do the things that she wants to do as a mum - my heart goes out to her. It is not easy, but we have to try soldiering on the best we can.

    Jaxx, you sound like you are a very strong and wonderful lady, who provides immense support and care for Jen and all the family. I hope that you have someone to support you as well.

    I can understand why Jen's daughter is so upset - it is such a lot for a little one to try and cope with and understand. Every day, I tell my son that I love him and that as a family we must all try to take one day at a time, but this situation is so tough on everyone.

    For me Christmas is all about spending time with family. This cruel disease can snatch so much away, but I am going to grab hold of as many happy times with loved ones as I possibly can. I will do my best to make some happy memories and I am sure that I will still enjoy watching my son open his gifts, as I have always done.

    I hope that all of you, and especially Jen's children, have many happy and precious times together this Christmas. Hopefully, Jen's little ones are looking forward to Christmas Day - and there is nothing like seeing the joy on little children's faces when they see what Santa has bought them!

    Love to you all,
    Kayleigh x
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    We are a fabulous forum family - the precious bond we all share is powerful and strong!

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    Kayleigh thank you for your comments my husband and I are going to stay over on Christmas Eve so I can guarantee she will be in the living room when the children walk in, seeing your children’s faces as they walk in the room is priceless and I will make it my business to make sure she does not miss this, I have support from my siblings and their partners and my work family as I’m managing to work 2 days to have a bit of normality. I hope you and yours manage a happy Christmas and all the best for 2019. X

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