I am a member of the MND Association.
I have real world experience of MND care & solututions to all the mobility problems that the NHS & Council Care need to improve as they have been found to be unsuitable by me & the MND patient I cared full time for.
I am persuing my understanding of the medical science side with 2 Universities with the best MND research in my opinion by accepting their invitations. Other universities are doing excellent MND research.
For information about my real world experience a good starting point is my website www.motorneurondisease.co.uk. which has a contact form. There is a link to the MND Association on my website.
I am raising MND awareness & donations in UK & worldwide with MND Association authorisation. Just returned from Australia & New Zealand.
I am using my music & new album sales to raise MND awareness & donations.
My new album is available to buy with 75 % donated towards MND research.
I have launched MND donations on my Facebook.
I am making my new album available for 5 for 12 of my original songs of all types 1 hour listening.
Is there a place on the MND Association website I could offer the album ? It has sold in Australia, New Zealand, been taken to America & Japan & now selling in the UK with sales raising MND awareness.
Wearing the MND Association T shirt abroad attracted a lot of interest & questions from people who had someone with MND coming up to me to me.