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Thread: Bowel and bladder problems

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    Hi Pink,

    A great shame that your nurse does not have a more positive outlook about things. They are meant to be encouraging us to look on the bright side!

    It can't be an uncommon medical problem and so hopefully it is something that you can get advice and help for quite quickly.

    Just a thought, which you might have already thought of, is there anyone at your local hospice that you can talk to about this? I was given a phone number of the nurses at my local hospice, in case I want to chat to them to them about any worries and to get advice. Hopefully, all hospices offer this, because sometimes we need to talk to someone sooner rather than later, and I find that the nurses there are always so caring and understanding.

    Kayleigh x

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    Hi Pink,

    You've been on my mind - have things improved any or have you made a decision yet?

    Love Ellie.
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    Sorry to hear you have been feeling so poorly Pink. It is the time of coughs and colds, which is so much harder when we also have mnd. Hope you get the help you need x

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