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Thread: Message for Shrew.

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    Message for Shrew.

    Hi Shrew,

    Just to let you know your Private Messages are full, so nobody can send you a PM.

    You can delete unwanted PMs in your Inbox and Sent Items by selecting the messages, then scrolling down to the grey box on the right side that says Selected Items, click it and click Delete, then Proceed and you'll free up space.

    Love Ellie.
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    Thanks, just checked my emails and seen this. Will do!

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    Hi Shrew

    And an alternative choice to Delete - at that point - is that you can Export them, if you want to keep certain messages.


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    Hi Shrew,

    I replied to your pm but I was unable to attach a photo so here it is.D17A1485-A006-4F7A-AB10-7BBFD6CC5D0F.jpg

    Let me know if you want further details.

    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    thanks Barry it looks nice, i think due to size we have to have half doors

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    Hi Shrew;

    Sometime a sliding door can give more space.

    Love Terry
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