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    Happy new year

    Dear All,

    I have written a little poem to say happy new year and to thank you all for all the wonderful support you have given me.

    If I could, I would buy you all a new riser/recliner chair (or whatever you needed) to say thanks but, sadly, I have not won the lottery yet (fingers crossed for 2019!) - and so all I have to offer is this heartfelt message of thanks. Kayleigh xx

    On the outside of the World,
    I'm curiously looking in,
    Things look exactly the same,
    but somehow seem alien.

    My thoughts are all muddled,
    where on earth do I begin?
    My life has been shaken up,
    so now how do I fit in?

    Where do I get help,
    to cope with the turmoil i'm in?
    My thanks to this forum family,
    for kindly welcoming in.

    You understand my worries,
    often better than friends or kin.
    Without you all supporting me,
    what a terrible pickle I'd be in!

    The bond we share is so special,
    due to all we are experiencing.
    More precious and beautiful,
    than diamonds, gold, or satin.

    We support each other bravely,
    finding courage from within.
    My best wishes to you all,
    for year 2019 soon to begin.
    Happy New Year everyone x
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