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Thread: Very worried awaiting diagnosis

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    Very worried awaiting diagnosis

    Hi, I’m male 48 from yorkshire

    I’ve not had a diagnosis yet but I’m getting very worrying symptoms

    My story starts at the beginning of August 18. I had decorated 2 bedrooms the previous month so felt ok. Only a bit of painting and putting up the odd ikea wardrobes etc so nothing too strenuous.
    So at the beginning of August, I noticed both my knees were painful whenever I bent over, even slightly, as it was both knees I thought it was strange. I also noticed at the same time that both my thighs also felt weak whenever I tried to raise from a chair or the toilet seat. It wasn’t too bad but was made much worse by the knee pain that also hurt when raising. In the 5 months since this started I can still walk ok but my thighs still ache and I have a tingling in them all the time. The only thing I’ve noticed is that I believe my right thigh looks thinner. I’ve measured it and it’s still the same circumference as the left but the muscles look smaller so I can see the 3 front individual muscles instead of 1 full leg. I believe it’s due to wastage That i can see the individual muscles in my left thigh.

    I had an x-ray on my knees and nothing showed up.

    Cut to beginning of November and one day while at work I noticed both hands felt weaker. Both had been fine before and both seemed to hurt on exactly the same day. I was able to do all everything, I could pinch, grab, turn keys etc however, anything heavy would send a burning/stinging pain in my wrist and up my forearms. I also noticed that repetition made my hands crampy and again I got the burning pain in my like when you have done hell of a lot of work and your arms sting) it was that feeling but happened within 30 Seconds when doing something repetitive. Although i’ve Had this pain for 2 months I don’t think it’s got any worse and I still have dexterity in my hands ( I can fasten the top button of my shirt). But I’m a little worried that they are definitely weaker than they were in the summer and get painful burning stinging pains in my hands, wrists and forearms when I do anything repetitive very quickly.
    I also think the muscles in the back of my hand seem watsted. At first I wasn’t sure but the tendons/guiders in my hand are easily visible. And there seems to a be lots of loose skin.

    Then at the beginning of December I noticed a new pain when walking my dogs. It first started as a pain underneath my outer right ankle. It wasn’t too bad but over the weeks now includes a pain in the back of my Achilles. I’ve also noticed this last week that when I lift my toes upwards I get a slight pain in my shin area like the muscles are struggling to lift. I have noticed that I have muscle wastage in my ankle shin area, however, to be fair i also have the same wastage on both legs. I can still do calf raises and walk on my heels easily and I have not had any issue with balance, falling or dragging my foot as of yet.

    I am worried that the shin/ ankle pain maybe the start of foot drop, but that has happened yet but it’s only been a month.

    On New Year’s Eve night I had my first bout of twitching. they were very pronounced and lasted a few hours in my left thigh ( surprising as I think my right looks thinner than my left). I have not had them since.

    In summary the reason I am worried it’s

    Stinging burning pains in all 4 limbs
    Painful knees (worried my thighs are not supporting the knees)
    Weakened thighs, (and possible wastage)
    Weakened Hands that burn/sting very easily on repetition.
    Pain in ankle and shin which I worry is the start of foot drop
    1 bout of twitching in one limb, not happened since.
    All muscle wastage looks the same on the other side except my thighs seem a different shape with more pronounced muscle definition.
    Can walk on tip toes and heels and can do calf raises ok, never had a fall.

    Unfortunately I am not under a neurologist, I am under a rheumatologist as I was first referred when I just had painful knees and weak thighs but it’s taken so long that my symptoms have progressed to be a neurological issue.

    As you can imigine I am scared stiff, I’ve not been sleeping for the past 2 weeks. I have my emg and nc in a Sheffield hospital on the 7th January but will not get the results until my next appointment on the 22nd January.

    Thank you for reading and I would love to hear you thoughts.
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