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Thread: Light folding electric wheelchair

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    Light folding electric wheelchair

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been looking through old threads for recommendations for a very light weight, folding electric wheelchair. At the moment I use a scooter or a manual wheelchair when I am
    out but I would like more independence. It would be easier to use in the home too.

    I rang wheelchair services and my OT today and they only provide the larger ones like salsa mini . They implied, very sensitively that I need to think of my changing needs. I totally understand this and I am not being ungrateful...well not much but we want to be out and about and travel as much as possible whilst I still can. I think Ellie said Carpe Diem !!

    It might not be a long term solution but I would be grateful for any recommendations or advice. We have been looking at a freedom 6 or a pride I go. I don't need head support atm but I would like a chair that could be pushed if the battery failed.

    Thank you ,
    Love Debbie x
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    I would be interested to hear about any possible lightweight folding electric wheelchairs too. I am very pleased with my salsa2 it is comfortable for use at home but it cannot go in a normal car. I have noticed that some electric wheelchairs are now coming online secondhand and the prices of some new ones are coming down. Any advise will be appreciated. Ann

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    Hi Deb & Ann;

    They do free home trials and I think most chairs have the ability to be pushed, including the Freedom 6. I have seen a few out and about but don't know reliability etc,.

    Love Terry
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    I bought the CareCo Easi Go - 699

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