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Thread: Ideas for throat clearing

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    May 2012
    Good to hear the cold is going away BN;

    Something positive.

    So sorry to hear of your fall, Something negative.

    Broken nose, 2 hours on the floor, etc. disastrous.

    When I use a walker, I leave the brakes on and slide the rear wheels along. I also have a gallon of water as ballast.

    Hope the sore nose soon stops hurting.

    Love Terry

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    I don't need to put a gallon of water in mine Terry - it is already weighed down enough with "stuff " - drinks, snacks, lipstick, mobile phone, perfume, comb, mirror, tissues, hand cream etc - a bit like a lady's handbag really!
    We are a fabulous forum family - the precious bond we all share is powerful and strong!

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