Hello all,

My mum has MND PBP so cannot speak. She is going into hospital next week to have a feeding tube fitted. We were at a MND coffee morning on Monday and the MND staff and volunteers advised that we make up a communication booklet for the hospital staff if she is on her own. I will be at the hospital with mum but there will be times when I canít be with her, she wonít be able to take her ipad/predicatable app with her.

Iíve bought a small notebook and written each phrase on a separate page. It should have basic phrases that she may need, so far we have,
Yes please.
No thank you.
I am cold.
I am hot.
I would like some water.
I would like a milkshake. (fortified drink that Iíll take in with us)
I need the bathroom.
Iím in pain.

We also have an alphabet sheet so she can spell out the odd word but mum gets exhausted very quickly and then very short tempered when people donít understand!

Can anyone help with other phrases she made need so we can add them.

Thank you in advance.