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Thread: Mum with MND

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    Hi Tania,

    I understand that Continuing Health Care (CHC) might not be particularly easy to get, but you may wish to look into it now so that you are aware of what it involves, in case your mum wants to apply for it now or in the future. As you are probably aware, CHC is fully funded by the NHS. (I have provided a link to the NHS guidelines about CHC, at the end of this post.)

    Your mum might have already had a needs assessment for care provided by her council, but just in case you are not already aware of this assessment, here is some further information about it: - your mum might be entitled to receive care at home organised via her local council (funding for this care is means-tested, and so the costs of this care might not be fully met by your mum's local council). If you wish her to be assessed for this care, you would need to contact adult social services at her local council, and ask for 'a needs assessment for care'. The council's website may include the facility to make an online request for an assessment.

    Link to the NHS guidelines concerning CHC:-


    Best wishes
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