Hi All,
After progressing through all the usual tests from around April last year my 82 year old mother was diagnosed with MND before Christmas having been in rude health all her life. I am the primary carer, other family members and friends are in different countries or too old themselves to be much help and finding the authorities variable in their helpfulness. I am managing but a bit isolated and out of my depth off and on so far. On a steep learning curve with the health services and all the info so any tips and short cuts most welcome. Seems to be moving so fast, I'm assuming it's the bulbar type as her swallowing and speech are effected. Any experiences of what I can expect to need to deal with and how quickly would be invaluable. Also are there any ideas to help her with communication as she usually talks the hind leg of a donkey (!) and is becoming increasingly frustrated with her speech difficulties. Thanks. x