Can anyone please recommend a service that are contactable at a press of a button on a pendant or wristband worn by a person with MND
Recently Richard, my husband fell in our shower room, he wasn't hurt thankfully but could not get up and I did not have the strength to get him up. I called SWIFT a service in our area that come out to people who have fallen but are not hurt. They were very good, arrived in 40mins and used an inflatable cushion to get him up and then onto his feet.
I should have been at work that day but I changed my day for someone. If I hadn't been there Richard would have been on the floor for a long time. This really hit home after the event and I am now in the process of getting his needs assessed by adult social services, then for me a carers assessment but was told this may take time.
I have been given several leaflets on alarm services but just wondered if anyone uses any particular service they could recommend.
Many thanks Amanda