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Thread: personal alarms

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    Hi Shrew and Doug,

    Shrew - thanks for posting about the personal alarm that Mick uses, because it sounds like that type of alarm would be ideal for me. I particularly like its feature that the alarm is activated shortly after a fall, without relying on a button to be pressed (in case I pass out after falling and if/when my fingers become too weak to press a button).

    Doug - glad that you found the 'Which' info helpful (as it's dated 11 Jan '19 the info should be up-to-date). It's not particularly pleasant having to think about falls, but good to know that there are some effective personal alarms available, which should give us some peace of mind.

    Best wishes
    Kayleigh x
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    SWIFT sounds good to me, I wonder if the have an alarm system of sorts?

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