Hi my friends,

I'm going to be stepping away from the forum next week. If I get my book finished this year, I'll put up a post so you can get a copy if you like.

If you want to stay in touch, you can reach me at renee.mineart@gmail.com

Life is moving forward, finally. My stress is easing and I'm sleeping better. I'm starting to feel more relaxed in my new home and getting used to being on my own again (with my cat). Still have moments of grief that feel overwhelming, but better than last month.

Something I've found that helps a lot. I have a small notebook that when I want to tell Ezri something, I write it to her there. I also put in the occasional picture, her business card from when she was a massage therapist, and things like that.

I had a dream the other night where Ezri was in a new flat of her own, she was standing tall and talking fine. The flat was white, well lit and airy, just how she likes it. All her family and carers were there, but she shooed us out and said she'll be fine. Part of my mind says that was her telling me not to worry about her, and the other part reminds me it was just my subconscious in my dream. Regardless, I feel better.