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Thread: Grid 3 v Communicator 5??

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    Lightbulb Grid 3 v Communicator 5??

    Hi fellow eye gazers

    I am currently using the Grid but find it frustrating when 'talking" because it spells out the word and is a bit laborious
    Maybe I need to change some settings but I don't know how to?
    Does anyone use Communicator 5?
    I am interested to know the difference and pros and cons of both

    Sarah x

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    Hi Sarah,

    I use a DIY eye gaze solution, so can't say if Grid 3 or Communicator 5 is better, sorry.

    But if your text is being spelled out, that sounds like a Settings issue. I had a quick look, this link might help - make sure Characters is OFF in Speak whilst typing

    They also have an online Chat facility if you need help.

    It's a shame you didn't get help on how to use it! There are some video tutorials online.

    Good luck.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Ellie

    That's so kind of you thank you !I knew that there must be a way but couldn't find it x
    I will watch some tutorials and learn how to use it more efficiently x

    Sarah x

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