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Thread: Wedding worries

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    Yeah his bowel makes him feel amazing when it’s done as he gets so constipated

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    Hello Pink,

    Sorry to hear that things didn't go smoothly today. Hopefully the nurse will get things right next time.

    Men have it so much easier than the ladies when shopping for a wedding outfit - all they have to do is hire or buy a suit! LOL - and they don't have the stress of needing to colour co-ordinate it with new shoes, handbag, hat, lipstick, nail varnish etc!

    I hope you have a more relaxing day tomorrow.

    Kayleigh x
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    Hi Pink
    Hope you got some sleep last night and you’re feeling more comfortable today .
    Good luck with the dress shopping.
    The shops seem to be getting more spring/summery dresses in.

    Really hope your team can sort out the other issues, it will be a weight off your mind.
    Love Helen x

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    Sorry the catheter placement did not to plan Pink.

    If you have bladder sphincter spasms, that would explain your urgent need to pee and, if you found yourself leaking, spasms could also be wholly or partly to blame for that too.

    The good new is that there are meds to reduce bladder spasms - you may not need to take they on an ongoing basis, but to make the catheter placement easier and less uncomfortable, I'd suggest taking a bladder antispasmodic tablet, or maybe even a Diazepam, to relax the spasm before the next attempt. Ask your GP.

    It's a shame the Nurse didn't mention how to allieviate the troublesome spasms, if that's what she thought the problem was

    Or it may have been that the actual catheter insertion caused spasms, again, maybe a Diazepam about 45-60 mins before the procedure will relax the spasm - ask your GP.

    If you are considering having an enema, that's something the Nurse can do for you but you'd need to be well set up for it, as you only have a few minutes to get from bed to the loo or commode...

    Hope you're more comfortable today.

    Love Ellie.
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