Hi Everyone,
I wondered if anyone could give me some advice, Martin has been told he needs to use niv overnight. The problem we have is he has no speech and little use of arms and legs, so if he needs repositioning during the night he grunts and I go and move him, when he has his mask on he cannot make any noise so we are not sure what he can do to alert me.
The other problem is martin could not remove is mask at all and the respiratory nurse told us it would be better to have waking carers every night, we have Marie Curie sitters for 2 nights but what can we do for the other five, I would find it impossible as martin needs a lot of help during the day. We have chc carers for 1 hour in the morning and ten minutes at night just to get Martin into bed, would they provide night care as well?
Would really appreciate your opinions on this.
Thank You