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Thread: Guide to accessible days out in Britain.

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    Guide to accessible days out in Britain.

    If you are looking for ideas for a day out, you might be interested in reading the "Rough Guide to accessible Britain".

    It is available on the Motability website (free to view online and also free to download):-
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    Many thanks for the link Kayleigh.

    A very helpful guide I wasn't aware of.


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    We recently visited London for an appointment with my Consultant and decided to make the most of the day. We discovered that the Tate Britain offers free parking at the rear of the gallery and the use of a mobility scooter for Blue Badge holders. This enabled me to get around independently inside the gallery. The Tate has great places to eat and we had a wonderful afternoon. The parking and scooter do need to be booked in advance but this was easily done by phone. I have since found that other galleries offer a similar service and we intend visiting another soon. This is an outing I can certainly recommend.

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    Brilliant Kayleigh, thankyou! And Ann, that's great to hear, I was planning on going there soon and it would be so much nicer to have independence on a scooter, fab! They have scooters at some of the big national trust houses too.

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