My mother was diagnosed with Bulbar MND before Christmas having shown symptoms from around April time 2018. She declined rapidly at the beginning of this year and is currently being cared for in a hospice in Chester. Following an initial short prognosis, the team there now think she may have several months left to live which is too long for them to care for her. She has an NG tube as she is too weak to have a peg fitted which is presenting big problems finding a care home with available beds that can cater for complex care. We want to keep her in Chester where her friends and family can easily visit her, but we have narrowed our search down to two nursing homes in Chester that could care for her, both of which are currently full and one of which is not that nice. We are being told that she may have to be sent further afield which is not fair on her or her loved ones. There also seems to be limited suitability anywhere at any distance anyway. If she has to be moved a distance then it is possible she could come down to the West Midlands where I live but this is far from desirable. She cannot be cared for at home. Does anyone know of any nursing homes in the Chester area or West Midlands that would care for someone with complex care needs?