My husband was diagnosed in December 2018 aged 48, at which point he walked into the clinic. Just a few months later and his mobility needs are significantly impaired. He has completely lost the use of his left leg and has foot drop and is now getting weaker in his right leg and upper body. He walks very short distances with crutches and we use a borrrowed wheelchair for any distances. He no longer comes out shopping etc although we have bought a cheap mobility scooter which he occasionally uses to watch our childrenís football matches. We live in a private rented conventional house with a through lounge diner and downstairs wc. He is now unable to manage the stairs without me physically stood behind him pushing up each leg individually, which not only puts a lot of strain on me but if he fell he would absolutely take me with him which is rather worrying. It is likely we will be putting a bed in the dining area of the downstairs sometime soon but this is not ideal as he will lose all of his privacy and have no washing facilities. We have been very well supported by our physio and OT and have had some adaptations to help around the home including raised toilet seats and crutches and we have an appt in a couple of weeks with wheelchair services so cannot fault the services.

To add to our woes after approaching our landlord to see what adaptations he would be happy for us to make, and we were completely honest with him as to the situation he decided that he wanted to sell the house and he will therefore be giving us notice although we donít yet have a date

Knowing that my husband will soon be giving up work and potentially myself becoming his Carer and therefore cutting down my hours and not earning the same amount, we realistically will be unable to afford another private rent.

When you fill in application for housing association and the like and put in our salary we go straight to the bottom of the list as there is no box to fill in for changing circumstances.

We do not know when we will need to move or when his condition will change again and if so how, but we do know that things seem to be deteriorating very quickly and we cannot manage in our house for much longer but cannot find anyone to help with what are our options to move this forward.

Has anyone else found themselves in this situation or can advise who we can talk to, to get further advice please, Iím stuck in this rut and feel like I have the whole world on my shoulders not only coping with the MND but this as well

Any help appreciated