I'm having some trouble during the night while lying in bed and if anyone has any suggestions to help me that would be great. Basically at night time I lie in a fetal position on my right hand side to sleep. As the mnd has progressed the muscle in my right leg has wasted a little leaving me with a somewhat sore leg just below my hip. To relieve the pain and discomfort of this I tend to roll over on to my back for a few minutes before rolling back onto my right hand side. But this rolling over and back then tends to leave my left arm trapped under my body which is very uncomfortable. Because the mnd started in my arms there is very little movement or strength left in my arms and I can't free the arm from under my body. The discomfort in my arm is definitely worse than the pain in my leg and the only way I can free my arm is to get my parents out of bed to help me reposition myself. This happens two or three times a night lately resulting in lost sleep for them. (I'm fine as I can lie in during the morning or go for a nap the next day.)

What I've tried so far is putting a pressure plaster on my leg and until very recently this has helped relive the discomfort in my leg. I have a hospital bed with an air mattress which also helps. I have tried sleeping on my other side or on my back but I can't get comfortable enough to sleep. What frustrating about it is that the pain in my leg isn't too bad. The nurse looked at the leg and shoulder and it's not too bad just a little red so she recommended the plasters. It's having my arm trapped painfully under me when I roll over and back that's causing the real problem. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try or am I doomed to waking people to help me every few hours.Hoping someone can help.