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Thread: Awaiting diagnosis

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    Hello Daniel. I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms and the anxiety they are causing you.

    I thought I'd tell you about my husband's symptoms. He had a few falls then became less mobile day by day. His right foot gradually turned out. His feet and legs swelled and he got very red knees.

    He never felt any weakness and even though he cannot walk a step he has no muscle wastage.

    He was diagnosed after exhaustive tests and 2 emg's.

    I wonder if occupational health ( as it was called in my day!) may help. Could they speed things up for you or provide emotional support.

    I wish you well, we never expected an mnd diagnosis but the support we have had has been brilliant. Please try not to worry too much.

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    Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes and support. I have an MRI scan booked for tomorrow and nerve conduction tests on Friday.


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    thinking of you Daniel. when Mick had his emg we got result same day because he was in patient

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    Good wishes for the MRI scan today

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    Good luck with your tests Daniel, I hope you get some answers soon.

    Love Debbie

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    Thinking of you Daniel.

    Hopefully you will get a follow-up appointment with your neurologist quickly, so that you can get the results of the tests as soon as possible.

    I hope that you are still able to enjoy some quality time with you friends and family, despite this being a very anxious time for you. Your GP might be able to prescribe some medication to ease your anxiety and/or refer you for some counselling, if you would like some.

    Kayleigh xx
    We are a fabulous forum family - the precious bond we all share is powerful and strong!

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