It is so sad;

I'm sad to hear the news about Andrea.

I never knew her when she was well but Andrea seemed full of life and very positive to me. I enjoyed her company and I think she did mine. Below is what her husband emailed me today.

Dear Terry,

Though you have got MND, enjoy the life you have, doing what you can.
The cruel form the MND Andrea got took her away from us on Tuesday early morning. She could not breathe on Friday , taken to the hospital. Was on the breathing machine but by sunday 3 am she had the ability to breathe on her own and maintain above 92% oxygen. She was also responding well to the antibiotics given to combat a lung infection. She caught a cold brought by a carer. She had been like that until sometime around mid-day the hospital staff hoisted her for some reason I could not understand. She had suffered a minor heart attack on Thursday too, we were unaware of. After they put her on the sling she had been struggling to breathe. She never recovered, passed away around 2.20 on Monday morning. I hope you understand I am not in position to write more at the moment. It had been such a short time since she was diagnosed. That was November 2016.

Best wishes,