My wife started showing symptoms last March which gradually became worse until she was admitted in to hospital for tests last November. We were told she had MND 90% sure of diagnosis. We went back to see the Consultant 2 weeks ago and told the test from last Nov are the same but he diagnosed 100% MND.
I left full time employment to care and have been living off our savings since Jan.We have just applied for PIPS. as a Carer with no means of income and as all you guys know this is a 24/7 role, the question is what can I apply for if anything.

At the moment my wife has a dropped foot and weakened left leg with the right leg not far behind.

Within a matter of months I have gone from having a great career to be thrust into this caring role.This is a bit all over the place like my head at the moment.

At the moment I am trying to sort our finances so any advice would be great.