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Thread: Overwhelmed,Angry,Isolated,Scared.

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    Hi Lynne, Thanks for the reply,Took a while for 100% diagnosis so had to purchase myself a lightweight wheelchair and stairlift.Didn't realize that being Ill was so costly.Are golden years have been robbed but making the most of what we have left.We are laughing in the face of MND and carrying on regardless.

    Best Wishes

    Kev & Lucy

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    Hi Kev and Lucy,

    It is worth seeing if the Mnda have a AV, association visitor in your area to help you with things. Also don't feel afraid to use phone, Mnda Connect for advice.

    The wheelchair services should be providing you with a wheelchair but it probably won't be so light but they will do modifications on it if and when needed.

    Love Terry

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    Hi Kev, so sorry to hear about your wife’s condition. You are in the right place for advice and support these people on here are amazing.
    Stay positive Jerry

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