Hello - I am looking for some advice please or views on my Dads recent appointment. 6 weeks since his first appointment. Dad was Diagnosed prior to Xmas with Bulbar Onset 73 years of age. Strength of hands, arms and legs were good compared to first appointment. Peak cough flow was 430 in Jan and now 400. Slow vital capacity was 287 now 261. F.U.C now 62% was 60%. SNIP Jan 51 and now March 49. Dad has lost 7 ibs. They have discussed tube feeding but not yet for Dad. This 7 ibs lost is since been diagnosed and we feel his has lost up to 2 stone in the past year. He has lost his appetite and he is struggling to swallow. Speech is very poor. He has gone off fatty or high sugar food. To drink the calories drinks is a real struggle. No interest to eat at all and he has thrush on his tongue. 2 weeks of tablets will hopefully do the trick with the thrush and help his appetite. My dad is trying very hard and he has always been the person with control but itís now so hard to get him to follow guidelines to help himself. He stops medication if he feels itís not agreeing with him. This is the second attempt to deal with the thrush. It feels his stats havenít changed too much which is good but the weight loss is a big issue. Please share any views is this what slow progression looks like .... many thanks