Hi Maid

Welcome to the forum. I care for my husband who was diagnosed July 2014. His shoulders and arms were the first parts of his body that he had problems with. I can understand your frustrations with not being able to do the things you’ve always done. Steve gets very frustrated. He loved DIY and had done most of the work on our new extensions, he was on the roof putting tiles on when he couldn’t let go of the hammer. He and the doctor thought it was carpal tunnel, which after having both hands done they found it was MND. He also has written his Dads story, his own story up until we got married and wants to complete part 2. He writes poems too and this has helped his mental state. He did karate, long distance walks, he was never still. He now uses eye gaze to write, use the internet etc. He had many falls and it is something you need to be very careful off. He’s now in a power chair and uses his foot to control it.
You have been very proactive in getting things organised. We have done something things, power of attorney so I can sign things has Steve can’t hold a pen any longer., wills etc.