Here we go again. Back in hospice due to another chest infection. Been here since Thursday. Got to the point where i couldnt be detached from my nippy. I only usually wear it at night but managed couple of periods of 20mins today. The dr said my chest sounds clealr now so am i to presume this is to be normal from now on? They are lovely in here but my ongoing coccyx pain has got worse since being in here. They cant get me comfy and I realise now what a good job my carers do getting me just right. As my speech is so poor and im wearing a mask its so frustrating on both sides. Since being in here ive also come to realise that i need full time carers. I had an assessment for chc last week but im not holding out much hope.
My sons wedding is next Saturday and im not very hopeful of getting to it. I need my mnd friends at the moment. Perhaps i need some kick ass to pull myself together but to say im depressed is an understatement. I appreciate you are all going through tough times xx