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    Can anyone tell me what they take for shifting mucus off your chest. Iím not going home for 2 weeks.
    Thanks Jerry

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    Hi Jerry;

    Not my specialist subject but if it,s gone as far as your chest/lungs then you might need specialist advise.

    There are things to help mucus in the mouth and top of throat and things that can be done to reduce it.

    You can get a mask fitted with a bag, that can inflate your lungs more to help move things around in your lungs.

    I have never had these problems as I have a good cough which helps things keep clear.

    Love Terry
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    Thanks Terry. It’s really the back of my throat but feel chesty. Don’t have a strong enough cough unlike you.
    Best Jerry

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    Hi Jerry,

    Sorry, I'm not an expert about clearing mucus - but I have read some information about medication etc on the the following thread which might help:-

    You might need to be assessed by a respiratory expert when you get back to England so that, if necessary, you can be provided with equipment such as a 'cough assist machine'. (Not sure if a referral to a respiratory expert can be done by your GP in England or if it is organised by an MND clinic - but others on the forum will probably know).

    Sorry that you are experiencing these additional issues so soon before your return to England.

    Don't forget to bring a warm jumper or jacket with you when you return - I expect it is much chillier in England than it is in Thailand - and I don't like to think of you feeling cold when you get off the plane!

    Kayleigh xx
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    Hi Jerry,

    If you feel chesty, get your lungs checked out - a GP-type doctor with a stethoscope should be enough to see if lungs are clear.

    Re thick & viscous mucus at back of throat: you need to thin it down by drinking lots of water, drinking pineapple and/or papaya juice. Take a chesty cough syrup containing Guaifenesin or a medicine named Carbocisteine - IDK if the latter two are available in Thailand.

    Thinner mucus is easier to shift, either by coughing, even with a weak cough or with help using an LVR bag (aka modified Ambu bag) or a Cough Assist Machine (aka Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator) (maybe they're avaible to rent) Videos online for the latter two.

    Both the LVR and a Cough Assit will be available to you in the UK if they're needed.

    Any other Qs, please ask, but if you "feel chesty", get it checked out to be on the safe side.

    Love Ellie.
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    We have a cough assist machine, but since she’s started taking most sustenance through the peg it doesn’t seem as bad.

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