I just wanted to say thank you to this forum for words of support over the last year when I have needed them.
Richard sadly passed away on Sunday morning, he never got out of hospital from being admitted on March 7th with kidney stone and chest infection.
He died peacefully with me and his children around him. We knew that this day would come but it was so sudden in the end as several times he rallied around giving us hope we would get him home as was his wish.
This is my biggest sadness as we had arranged for him to get home today after battles with being accepted for care at home, we finally got continuing healthcare, for 4 weeks anyway initially.
The system for being accepted for care so needs a shake up, the last weeks or months of life should not be fraught with worry over sorting this.
I send my love and best wishes to all of you battling with this awful disease and all the family members who also live with the condition, you are all very brave lovely people who deserve the very best of care from everyone.
Love Amanda xxx