Hi, My mum has just got her profiling bed and she can't push the buttons on the controler. She can just about hold the device but has no power in her fingers or thumb to press the buttons.
Has anyone had experience of a super light touch remote for a profiling bed?
This is a community bed so we haven't purchased it, so if I could find an alternative I'd ask the OT to see if they could source one for her.
Some other questions with regards to your OT in your area:-
*How supportive do you find your OT?
*Does your OT always come out to assess you before they order new equipment?
*Does your OT come out to see how you are getting on with any new equipment sent and to show you how to use it?

Also Do you have access to a community nurse for symptom management in your area?

I'm trying to establish what sort of support we should expect for Mum. She's struggling with pain, constipation, nausea and eating, all affecting her energy level and weight loss.
When my mum recently rang her hospice the OT said that the Hospice was predominantly for cancer patients so if she wanted a nurse she had to go to the gp. The gp practice wouldn't send out a nurse untill she'd had a home visit from a Dr. They did send a Dr out who examined her and told her to tweek some medication and go in to see a gp if it didn't improve. So no community nurse visits set up it's just back to trying to get appointments at the gp practice which takes weeks to get. Its such a challenge all the time to get any help which is so hard when mum's condition is changing so rapidly. I'm just wondering what services we should expect and if the Hospice should really be more supportive considering mum should really come under end of life care regardless of the fact she doesn't have cancer, she still has this cruel life limiting condition.
We live in kettering, northamptonshire, Northampton itself has a wonderful hospice and it's only 25mins down the road I'm just wondering if it's possible to ask to have her care transferred to there rather than Kettering who are very unsupportive? Are We allowed to choose the Hospice we want to go to? Does anyone have experience of changing hospice care to a different hospice in the same county?

Sorry for so many questions on a variety of topics.