Hi All,

My Hubby was diagnosed in Dec and his progression has been aggressive to say the least, he now cannot do anything for himself at all.

I have given up work to care for him and over the last couple of days he has been experiencing panic attacks and he has started to get particularly aggressive when he cannot get his own way or he has to wait for something. He says he feels claustrophobic and cannot have doors closed but this can even be in a large room??

He gets himself so worked up that he begins to hyperventilate and panics that he cannot breathe and then he shouts at those close to him. He says we are useless and we don’t care about him. When he calms down he apologises and recognises that he has been wrong but it is particularly upsetting for those around him. I understand that he is going through the worst possible emotions but does he think its easy for us to see him getting worse on a daily basis?

Has anyone else experienced this and is it a common factor with MND?

It feels so hopeless....