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Thread: Goodbye rituals

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    Goodbye rituals

    I am thinking of saying goodbye to writing - by that I mean using a pen on paper.

    I have always done quite a lot of voice dictation anyway and have taken handwritten notes using mind mapping with pen and paper when out and about at meetings, et cetera - or even when thinking about setting out the outline of the document.

    However, having lost a substantial amount of the use of my dominant hand I find writing so difficult that I have almost given it up except for signing birthday cards and that kinda stuff.

    We have just done our office clearing out thing and I realise how much paper I got stacked around the office in the form of notebooks et cetera that I will never ever use any more, so was thinking about how I can say goodbye to writing.

    In that set me wondering about goodbye rituals -

    I found this,

    which includes.........

    "In todayís society, however, there are fewer and fewer rituals to announce the arrival of something new or the dismissal of something that passes. You could say that the only one of all those rituals that still survives is the funeral ritual."

    Does anybody here have goodbye rituals as they lose things in their life and what kind of things do you do?


    ​Diagnosed 03/2015. Limb onset (arm) sporadic ALS/MND.
    MND hitting - now 50% left arm and 90% right arm, plus other bits including left shoulder

    "Things turn out the best for people who make the best of the way things turn out"

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    Hi Andy;

    Nothing replaces pen and paper, just to make a odd note that you can use beside you. Yes sure you can use the computer but to do a drawing with notes to explain things takes a hour, when pen and paper would have taken a few minutes.

    Don't know about rituals, I'm to busy trying to work out ways of adapting.

    Love Terry

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    Hi Andy,

    Where would we be without our tablets and phones with the ability to type in what we want to say or send. Predictive text is also useful although at times can be annoying. I have created label templates for family and friends addresses because writing is difficult and I even have a generic birthday and Christmas greeting label.

    Like you I have been clearing out my 2 drawers filing cabinet and I asked myself why keep 10 years worth of tax returns and all the associated paperwork. I haven’t worked for 7 years but I still had all my documents and pay cheques. I had to keep stopping because my shredder was overheating.

    How often do we look at photos we took and stored on our computer over 10 years ago but I expect other family members will look back when we are no longer here so they survive.

    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Hi Andy,

    Talking of sorting through things .. and in my case shoes rather than paperwork....

    I shed a few tears when I had to chuck out my glamorous collection of high-heeled shoes - I hate having to wear frumpy sensible flat shoes because of this bl...dy MND!

    The issue of heels is probably not something that you and the other gentleman of the forum have had to deal with ? Lol - but I expect some ladies on the forum will get where I am coming from!

    Love Kayleigh xx
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    .. but, to be fair, some gentlemen here might still have some of those cool platform boots/shoes that they wore in the 1970's?!! ....
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    I'm more concerned, Kayleigh, that you may have thrown out the stockings that doubtless went with the high heels at times!

    Doug xx

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    Just for you Doug (because I know you like a lady in stockings) Lol

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    Thanks Kayleigh, point taken.

    But an old man can dream.....


    Doug x

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    Great to get a laugh! Won’t spoil it for anyone else but wasn’t expecting that when I clicked on link! It’s just so sad how much this awful disease robs people of every day things that were once taken for granted. Andy my husband is like Terry- no goodbye rituals but just trying so hard to adapt and I suppose I’m also trying hard to adapt both my mindset and my coping skills. Again Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, feelings, stories. It really has given me such a great insight into how my husband is feeling.

    Kitty x

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    Kayleigh, I was never a fan of high heels, but I know what you mean. Comfortable shoes for me now, I miss running around. Ah, Kathy staff a great actress, she was in loads of things.

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