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    Hi Dina - I love your sense of humour, you do make me smile!

    Glad to see you havn't let this evening's taxi blip get you down for too long - that's the spirit!!

    That rude taxi driver's monetary loss was your monetary gain!

    Kayleigh logic (lol) says save what you didn't spend this evening, so that you can have double to spend on your next evening out! - you deserve a great time out with your friends and so I hope you can meet up with them very soon.

    Kayleigh x

    P.S If you use the taxi company that I posted about, hopefully everything should go smoothly ... it says on their website 'Get rid of all your transport problems in one go. Give Colin a ring ..."
    Hopefully Colin has trained his taxi drivers to be on time, driving the correct WAV and to be polite to their passengers. There must be a good taxi service out there somewhere, surely! - and perhaps Colin's is the one?!!
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