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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry52 View Post
    I want to give my support to red shoes as I have 3 pairs.

    Kayleigh I think you have too much time on your hands but I often chuckle at your posts so keep it up.

    Barry x
    Hi Barry,

    I thought that you were only 52, but now you've revealed your age on the other thread .... I bet they are the 3 pairs of red platform shoes you wore in the 1970s! LOL (I know, I probably deserve a clip round the ear for being so cheeky - but you'll just have to settle for sending me a virtual 'clip' - ha,ha! LOL).

    It's OK if you go ahead and wear your red shoes as much as you like - just remember to get the full 'racey' effect by wearing bright red lipstick and matching nail-varnish as well! .... and please upload a photo of you looking full-on 'racey' - I will look forward to seeing it as your next avatar picture! LOL

    .. and the saying 'red shoes, no knickers' will definitely apply to you! - because we all know you wear long-johns instead of knickers anyway - or perhaps you save your frilly-knickers to wear on special occasions? Lol

    Love Kayleigh

    P.S. I don't have a lot of time on my hands - I just type very quickly .. and they don't call me 'Kwick-fingers Kayleigh' for nothing, don't you know!! LOL

    PPS. And no, I still don't ever sleep!! I'm like TC, I have cat-naps instead! LOL
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